Out With The Old…

Before I can even get the S7300 review out of the door, along comes news of JXD’s new machine. Initially there was to be an S5600 released alongside the S7300, but that was shelved and taking its place is the S5800. Although it probably won’t be released until Summer, JXD have already said that the […]

Yinlips Joins The GamePad Party

Hot on the heels of JXD’s new models comes word of two new machines from Yinlips. Actually, info on the YDPG27 has been floating around for a while – but now we also have info on another new and previously unseen model, the YDPG29. Word has it that both consoles are running Sunplus GP3033 SoCs […]

The Cheapest Android Player Yet?

A while ago I reviewed the Window N50, a 5 inch Android portable for casual browsing and media consumption on the go. Pocketable Android players never really took off though, possibly because I’m just about the only person interested in them. For some reason, JXD has decided to release one of its own and it […]