OpenDingux Released For The Dingoo A320.

Bit late to the party here since the release became available on the 5th of September. Better late than never I suppose. The long awaited OpenDingux has finally reached a stage that the developers deem stable enough for use by the general public. Dingoonity forum members Ayla and mth (Paul Cercueil and Maarten ter Huurne) […]

The Insanity Continues…

OK here we go. A new version of the A330 appeared on DX today, so here’s my interpretation. I’m fairly confident I’m right, but don’t take it as gospel. To the best of my knowledge, all of these machines house the exact same hardware (minus the differences listed below) and run on the same software. […]

A summary…

Browsing the forums it seems some people are rightfully a bit confused about all these new toys and their ability for running different software. So if you’re already clued up, quit reading now (or read it and correct me for being wrong). If you’re not, feel free to check my summary. Dingoo A320 – Available […]

Dingoo A380 On Sale Already?

The new Dingoo Technology handheld, the A380 appears to have shown up at the Chinese webshop for the price of $109.99. The machine is said to run the dual core Ingenic JZ4755 CPU running at 500MHz. This should mean that we have some level of compatibility with the A320 including the use of Dingux, […]

Justin B And The Troublesome Case Of The Case

Loyal Dingoo reseller and frequent forum contributer Justin B (or Dingoo Digital USA as you may have seen him on the dingoonity forums) recently divulged a potentially interesting piece of news. He has been talking with a Chinese manufacturer who have been working on an open source handheld, and were looking for a western world […]