The Anbernic RG300X Pokes At Your Game Boy Micro Nostalgia

Anbernic RG300X

While we wait for this promised influx of powerful new handhelds to arrive, the drip feed of machines powered by relics of the past continues. One of these new offerings is the Anbernic RG300X and takes the form of a scaled up Game Boy Micro. Once rumoured to be using a newer and more powerful Ingenic chip, the latest leaks about this handheld suggest otherwise.

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What We Know About the KT R1

KT R1 Retro Gaming Handheld

The KT R1 handheld is one in a long line of upcoming devices that promise to break through the performance barriers imposed by the RK3326. It’s been a very rocky road for the KT R1, and it’s certainly not out of the woods yet. But the specs have changed, and they’re apparently finalised now. So let’s have a look at what we’re being promised.

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The PowKiddy RGB10Max Is The First OGS Clone

PowKiddy RGB10 Max

Raise your hands if you didn’t see this coming. No-one? Yep thought so! So in case you missed it, HardKernel released their updated Odroid-Go Super at the beginning of this year. It’s the same hardware as their previous device in a larger shell with a 5 inch screen and a higher resolution. The PowKiddy RGB10Max looks to be a very similar handheld, with some improvements.

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The TrimUI Model S Review

TrimUI Model S

The TrimUI Model S is one of those handhelds that just appeared out of nowhere at the end of last year. Not much was known about the company behind it or the device itself. Now that it’s been available for a few months and the software has matured a little, let’s take a proper look at the little gadget.

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