So what’s this blog for then?

Technology is moving at such an alarming and awe inspring rate that the internet is swamped with strange, mostly chinese made, gaming devices that are able to play not only all your old retro Nintendo and Sega games but also, in recent months, your Playstation and N64 games – right in the palm of your hand. As technology improves at this pace, more and more interesting and obscure devices are surfacing on the internet, and keeping track of them can be quite a task. It is my aim to maintain a “one stop shop” style site that lists the more interesting of these devices all in one place so you can stay up to date with the weird and wonderful world of obscure handhelds.

For the most part I will be gathering information about any one device and posting it all here, but for those handhelds that I own I will also include my own reviews and photographs for your persusal. I hope you enjoy reading the site, and if you feel you would like to contribute then don’t hesitate to email me.

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