A330 Release Date… (Update: Detailed Chinese Review from TGBus)

Just a quick post to say that the release date for the A330 has apparently changed. What I can gather from reading the Gemeitech forums (translating from Chinese to English via Google) and from checking the thread over at dingoonity is that the 18th was the date that beta testers got theirs. Release to the public is supposed to be October 15th according some awfully bad translations provided by Google.

So we’ll have to wait and see I suppose 🙂

Update: User ‘Dingoo’ from the dingoonity forums has stumbled accross this review from well known Chinese tech site TGBus. Though it’s in Chinese it offers a few new nuggets of info and confirms a few rumours previously doing the rounds. It also has a load of new pics to ogle over until we can finally buy our own to ogle over. If you can read Chinese then click here but if you read English then try this for a garbled but reasonable translation courtesy of Google.

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