Gambros (AKA Game Park?) NXGP

Back in 2001 a Korean company called Game Park released the highly successful GP32. Around about 2004 the company split, Game Park was dead and some of the original team members formed Game Park Holdings who went on to release the GP2X in 2005, the GP2X Wiz in 2009 and the Caanoo in 2010.

A few years after they split it seems that Game Park might be having another crack at conquering the handheld market, or so rumour has it, this time under a new name – Gambros.

  • CPU: ARM11 @667MHz
  • RAM: 128MB DDR
  • NAND: 2GB
  • OS: GPOS/Linux (Dual boot)
  • LCD: 320×480, 3,5″ 24bit TFT touchscreen
  • Sound: 24bit PCM codec, 64Poly MIDI, Stereo speakers
  • Mic input
  • SD/MMC slot
  • 4 direction buttons, 8 function buttons, 5 aux buttons
  • Dual vibration motors
  • 3 Axis accelerometers

A strange choice of screen resolution is the first thing that stands out. Stretching most ROMs to fit this screen resolution is going to require partial scaling in both directions, which isn’t ideal as it creates a strange blurry effect that peeves some people. In fact the only system that really benefits from this resolution is the GBA. With it’s 240×160 display, it will fit the screen perfectly simply by doubling each pixel. But who knows, perhaps Gambros have something else in mind for this thing, rather than emulation… the machine certainly looks to be more powerful than the Dingoos and Letcools of this world. Have some more pics.

The back, the front and the developers breakout board. I wonder what was being asked of developers lucky enough to receive one of those boards.

No idea where this was taken I’m afraid, but at least 2 of these things physically exist!

Snapshot of their website in July 2010.

If you have any other info regarding this thing, please let me know!

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