Yet Another Gemei A330 Post – Release Date, More Specs, A Ton of Videos!

Yep ‘fraid so, hopefully this will be the last post about this thing before I have one in my hands and can do a full review. But until then…

It has been confirmed that the release date is 18th September 2010, so I guess you can expect it to start showing up on Chinese webshops a few days after that. Chinavasion look like they might be one of the first to stock it.

OK, what else is new? Well here are some more specs:

TV Output: AV output
Emulators: Game Boy, Game Boy Colour, Game Boy Advance, NES, SNES, Mega Drive, Neo Geo, Capcom 1, Capcom 2 and perhaps MAME.
Support for two or more people to battle online
Wireless controller features: Support
Text features: Support for TXT, PDF, HTML, CHM format
Support for e-book reading function of TTS voices
Support Vector fonts, change wallpapers, support bookmarking, support for smart chapter break, support listening to music and reading e-book simulataneously.
Photo: Support JPG, GIF, BMP, PNG and other image browsing
Recording: Supported via built in Mic
OTG: Support
Built-in Speaker

So all in all nothing really ground breaking here, except the possibility of 2-4 players via wireless. There is nothing explaining how this is done, but I would imagine it’ll be IR or Bluetooth. Could be great if it’s implemented properly. OTG functionality is quite a nice addition too – being able to plug in a flash drive full of pictures or a USB hard drive with music on could come in useful.

The price is set to be 499 Yuan, which equates to about $74 or £47. Of course, that is to the Chinese market so you can expect an extra 25-40% slapped on top of that if you’re over on the western side of the world.

And finally, a bunch of videos have surfaced which demonstrate the menu, the tv out, and show it playing a few games (including Kingdom Hearts on GBA which apparently does not work on the Dingoo – a good sign perhaps?).

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