Booboo is back!

Those waiting feverishly for the Gemei A330 will be very glad to hear these 2 pieces of news. The author of Dingux (Linux for the Dingoo) is back on the scene after a hiatus of almost a year, and is ready for action. Poised ready to work on the Dingux improvements front, he is also enthusiastic about getting Linux running on the A330 too.

Great, you might say, but what are the chances of getting Linux working on a Chinachip CPU? A locked down processor with no documentation or schematics of any kind? Slim. Except, Chinachip have reportedly been in contact with the man himself and are willing to part with some of their precious data (and 2 of their new handhelds) in exchange for some of his time in trying to get Linux running on their machine. Result!

This could be quite a milestone in a changing attitude toward open source from Chinese manufacturers, and is certainly something to get mildly excited about if you’re that way inclined. Stay tuned for updates.

Link to Booboo’s announcement —> here

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