It Came and Went (Update: Pre-orders Are Open, Shipping November)

When was the last piece of tech that you were interested in released on time? I don’t think I’ve ever been priveleged enough to experience this phenomenon. In keeping with an age old tradition, Gemei have well and truly missed their 15th October release date for their new machine.

Why is that?.. I hear you ask. Well apparently it’s due to some “technical difficulties”. Whether that’s hardware or software is anyone’s guess but we do have some progress to report – things are plodding along! Behold – The final retail packaging for the A330!

Word is that they need just a couple of weeks to iron out said difficulties before it hits the stores. That should take us into an early November release date…

Read on for some pics of the rather wonderful packaging…

“Wireless connecting Multi-People Playing” – Bring it on!
Thanks to ROM4N for the heads up…

Update: For those of you in the USA that want to grab one of these without the risk of getting stung by import tax, good news ahead. Trusted re-seller and regular dingoonity forum contributor “dingoo digital USA” has announced that he will be getting stock of both black and white units between the 10th and the 20th of November.

link to announcement, and pre-order page.


5 thoughts on “It Came and Went (Update: Pre-orders Are Open, Shipping November)”

  1. I couldn’t watch anything on a display smaller than a 22″ and I just don’t trust Chinese SoCs enough to make this replace my Sansa PMP. So yes, 4 GiBs for game ROMs will be far enough 🙂 Unless the card is essential for running Dingux or something like that.

  2. chinavasion are supposed to be getting it first, and they ship within 24 hours apparently. i guess some european store will get it eventually, but it’ll probably take a while as it did with the dingoo.

    i don’t think we’ll see anything other than 4GB models, at least to begin with. but even that’s enough for a few thousand roms and some music/video 🙂

  3. Well, if i get it right that it’s gonna have up to 8 Gibi’s of internal flash, i might go as well without a card at all, that’s not my point. I just want it to be finally buyable, preferably from somewhere in Europe as I really don’t want to wait another 2 months for it to ship from DX. 🙂


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