PSP Phone Knocked Off Before It Even Exists. $110 From Lightake.

In true Chinese style, the only-just-announced and yet to be released PSP Phone has already fallen foul of a sneaky gang of cloners in Shenzhen.

Going by its capabilities theĀ  ‘Unmei Q5’ looks like a run of the mill China mobile, probably running the proprietary Nucleus OS on a MediaTek MTK6225 chipset, and skinned to resemble Android in one way or another. The machine allows for just NES emulation apparently, and there is no mention of Wifi which sounds about right if the hardware guess is right. You might have already stumbled on this thing on Engadget or MP4nation but I thought I’d make a post here since it’s now available to buy on one of the more reliable Chinese webshops around – Lightake.

It’s almost certainly a sub par phone and a rubbish games handheld, but if any of you gadget nuts decide to chuck $110 at this thing then let us know in the comments.

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