Booboo Is Off To China

Our main man Booboo has just announced that he’s off to China tomorrow to meet the people from ChinaChip.

“I’m leaving tomorrow to HK/China, where I’ll be meeting the ChinaChip people. Will be back in a week, but will try to update as time permits on anything relevant to dingux on the GA330.”

For anyone wondering, ChinaChip are the company behind the CPU in the just released Gemei A330 (and many other MP3 players, PMPs, tablets, MIDs and Ebook readers). They already expressed an interest in having Booboo get Linux running on this new machine a while ago, and it looks like they were serious too. Shipping someone half way around the world for a meeting or 2 cannot be cheap. If I was to speculate I’d guess that ChinaChip will be attempting to get Booboo to sign an NDA of some sort that’ll allow him all the info he needs to work his magic on their hardware whilst maintaining their company secrets. This is an important step, both for us gamers who long for open source software on Chinese devices, and for the Chinese hardware industry as well. The Chinese are renowned for secrecy of both their hardware and the software that runs upon it, terrified of other companies simply copying their ideas for a quick buck – but it looks like things might start to change if an amicable agreement can be reached between these two parties.

It is known that Chinachip have a couple more processors up their sleeves, a forthcoming CC1900 ARM11 core running at 1.2GHZ and a CC2000 with no specs released released as yet. One might summise that they have an interest in getting Linux running on devices using these processors in the future too. Exciting times…

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