Justin B And The Troublesome Case Of The Case

Loyal Dingoo reseller and frequent forum contributer Justin B (or Dingoo Digital USA as you may have seen him on the dingoonity forums) recently divulged a potentially interesting piece of news.

He has been talking with a Chinese manufacturer who have been working on an open source handheld, and were looking for a western world entrepreneur to guide them in the right direction. The company are said to be working with a new Ingenics CPU, the JZ4755. This is an upgraded version of the MIPS CPU inside the dingoo a320 and has 2 cores both running at 400mhz. The second core is a Vector Processor or VPU and can be tasked with 3D renderings etc in a similar way a GPU might.

As you might guess from the list below, it appears that the company are already some way toward a final spec for their hardware.

– Ingenic 4755 (Dual Core Clocked at 400 MHz but can be overclocked to 550Mhz)
– 4.0 TFT LCD (800×480 – updgraded from 480×272)
– 64MB SD Ram (Winbond W9825G6EH-6 (2 pieces) 4M words x 4 banks x 16 bits = 32 MB 166MHz/CL3 or 133MHz/CL2)
– 2GB NAND (Samsung K9GAG08U0E 16 Gb = 2GB MLC, large block 8-bit interface)
– MicroSD Memory Slot
– D-Pad and Analog Nub on left
– Standard A,B,Y,X  on the right and L1 R1 Shoulder buttons on top
– 4MP Video Camera/Camera
– OS will be Dingux with hopefully a new menu system the fall back will be Gmenu2X

The dingoonity community have already stepped in and advised against a 480×272 screen, because it doesn’t scale well for older systems. This is going to be changed apparently. Justin has swapped out the split Dpad for one more similar to that in the Dingoo A320 too. The analog nub is said to be the same one as the PSP has. There is a chance the camera will be scrapped too, who needs another crappy camera anyway? Dingux installed on the NAND is a step forward though…

So what’s the trouble? Well unfortunately the company was already prototyping the board when Justin got involved, and they’d already decided on the form factor you see below.

Seem familiar? Yeah, it’s going in a knock off PSP case. When was the the last time a knock off PSP was successful? Never. So discussions over at the dingoonity forums are quite opinionated, with some people fiercely against another cheap looking fake PSP case, and others backing it because it’s cheaper and won’t take as long to get to market. No final decisions are made just yet. One thing is for sure though, January is an overly optimistic release date prediction no matter what case they use.

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