JXD Stepping Up The Game With A Playstation Emulator

Ohhhh JXD… Where to begin? Well, not at the start because it’s too depressing. So let’s begin at the end, with their latest handheld, the JXD3000. It finally looks like hardware has gotten both fast enough and cheap enough to start churning out handhelds capable of more than SNES/Mega Drive/GBA emulation. Hooray for that! This new model is apparently capable of emulating the Sony Playstation right out of the box, a first for any handheld gaming machine out of China.

Check the vids below for some Castlevania and Tekken 3 action.

The problem is that up until now JXD have never really supported any of their products, they seem to just move on to the next incremental upgrade. Wouldn’t be so bad if their software worked properly to begin with but unfortunately most the time it doesn’t. Their previous products are known to have poorly ported emulators, made even worse by incorrect and missing button mappings. Their software is so locked down that nobody yet has really had any luck fixing their mistakes, so unless they can pull their fingers out this time and either do it right first time or offer some firmware fixes along the way then the machine probably isn’t worth having. Oh and it looks like yet another PSP knock off, arse.

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  1. eu comprei um jxd3000 inportado da china,ele veio acompanhado de 4 cds jogos,descarequei os jogos na memoria do jxd3000,só que ele não consequi abri os jogos,aparece a sequinte mensagem na tela”não suporta romes jogos” gostaria de alguns esclarecimento a respeito deste portátil.


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