Panasonic Breaks The Silence…

A user on the official Pandora forums has posted what looks to be a newsletter he has received from Panasonic regarding their upcoming gaming device, the Jungle. It sheds some light on to what exactly the Jungle will be for, and who its target audience might be…

Last month we gave the world a glimpse of the Jungle. Since then, we’ve heard from many voices and we’ve been listening to all the chatter.

So, we want to share a little more about why we’re creating the Jungle. Our mission is to enable the hundreds-of-millions of online gamers across the world to game-on-the-go, in a new, fun way. We know other companies out there have traditional hand-held gaming covered. We’re doing something very different.

We’re committed to the cloud and web-based content, the free-to-play movement, social and community-based gaming, and new forms of digital entertainment. We want to enable you to enjoy all of this – anytime, anywhere. So far, the feedback we’ve received from gamers who have experienced the Jungle has been quite inspiring.

Thanks for thinking outside the box and joining with us. Please stay connected as we release more information about the product, technology, and content that we’re working on for you.

Oh, and one last thing, if you’re an avid online gamer living in the United States and want to be one of the first people to experience the Jungle, follow the link below to apply for our user testing programs.


Game Freely,

The Jungle Team

Which is nice, but it still leaves more questions than it answers… Where are these free online games going to come from? Are they planning on porting existing popular free games to the device or do they have new titles up their sleeves? How do they plan to make money from free games? We want to know what hardware is in this thing, OMAP4 perhaps? What about OS? Is it really going to be a Linux variant? And how about a release date? Come on Panasonic, don’t be such a tease…

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