Gemei A330 Update…

Hope you all had a great Christmas and are looking forward to some New Years celebrations. And for all your unlucky sods who are now back at work (like me), I feel your pain!

Firstly, I know I promised a video review of my Gemei A330 when it arrived and I have so far failed to deliver. I was hoping to be one the first (at least in the UK) to get my hands on one of these things, but unfortunately that isn’t the way it worked out. I ordered from Taobao via the nice people at Zarmark (shouts to Kyle and Linnar!) but my parcel was either lost or stolen before it reached the UK. I suspect that someone at the airport in China pinched it because it shows as being checked out on a plane, but never got scanned upon entry to the UK. I have since been refunded in full and I guess I’ll grab another one from DX when Dingux surfaces.

In case you’ve missed it, there is a thread with a few reviews in here. At the moment I think the general consensus is that the machine feels ergonomically better than the A320 but the screen lets it down, as does the software. There are a lot of comments saying that it feels quite light, which for some (me) counts as a negative but can be interpreted either way I guess.

OK, excuses are out of the way – what’s new? Well Gemei have released a firmware update v1.1 for their device. Updating is apparently as easy as unpacking the image and putting it on the root of the internal memory before booting up. There is no record of what changes are made in v1.1 but according to users on the dingoonity forum it is a requirement for the SNES emulator. Yep that’s right, Gemei have released a beta SNES emulator and it apparently works pretty well too. We can perhaps forgive them for not having it ready for shipping now. There is a thread listing a few working titles and a few problem titles here. User ‘dingoo’ kindly posted a mediafire link to the emulator here.

No word from Booboo about Dingux as yet, but I feel we’re due an update within a week or so.

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