Gemei A330 First Impressions…

OK so I got a GA330 in the end, a white one. I hope to do a full review some time soon, but for now let me share my first impressions of the device.


It’s a lovely size and fits perfectly in an adults hands.
Build quality seems good, it doesn’t creak or bend.
The dpad and most the buttons feel really nice.
So far I only tried THPS2 for the GBA, and it runs very well unlike on the Dingoo A320.
Updating firmware is easy.


The screen is bad, everything looks blurry. Strangely though, it kind of helps in those emulators (like GBA) where blurring goes some way to disguise the ugly scaling needed to stretch GBA res to 320×240.
The LCD is exposed, there is no plastic shield over the front, though the device does come with a stick on screen protector.
Shoulder buttons, whilst easy to press, are very wobbly. I don’t know if this is a fault or not, but it feels slightly odd.
The menu system is rough around the edges, it’s functional but untidy. Just like the A320 native firmware really.

So, where’s Booboo at? I’m itching to get some Dingux goodness running on this thing.

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