JXD Reworks the 3000 Into a Home Console And Media Centre – The M1000

It looks as though JXD are about to launch yet another machine, the M1000 – this time designed to sit next to your TV for use at home. The ads from JXD boast that it plays PS1 games, so it is possible that they’ll be using the same CPU from Actions Semiconductors rumoured to also be found in their JXD3000 handheld. It seems they’ve added a few features this time though, rough translations from iMP3 suggest it can be used as a media centre as well, which would make sense given its form factor. It has 2 slots on the front for official PS1 and PS2 pads, HDMI, Composite, an SD slot and and a USB port for further expansion.

My heart aches though, since we all know JXD will never release source code for their software, and that their in-house coders are either very lazy or very incompetent. I wouldn’t expect too much from this thing, it’ll probably play a handful of PS1 games just like the 3000 does, and play some 720p vids fairly well. I’ll be keeping a lookout for some videos, but not expecting much. Bear in mind that for pittance you can build yourself a PC capable of doing all this, and it’ll probably play PS1 games infinitely better than this thing will.

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