Let The Confusion Commence.

Remember the ridiculous squabbling around the 2 different versions of the Dingoo A320 last year? Well brace yourself because I feel we’re in for another bumpy ride in the coming months. The user ‘dingootech’ on the dingoonity forums is part of the Chinese firm that splintered away from Dingoo Digital and formed the new company known as Dingoo Technology. There is no need to go into detail of the accusations aimed towards DT as they’re already documented on this blog so we’ll get on with it. Dingootech has announced their new handheld, and they’ve decided to stick with a familiar naming convention by calling it the A380.

We have some facts and some pics of their new device which is due to be released in 1 or 2 months time. They’ve stuck with Ingenic for the CPU and gone for the JZ4755 which is an updated version of the chip inside the A320. It’ll run at 500mHz and has a second core, a VPU, capable of handling some 3D tasks and processing audio. Although useful, it would be inaccurate to call the CPU a dual core processor in the conventional sense of the word.

The machine will have 64MB of RAM, will support all the same old emulators that we’ve seen before but oddly has been bundled with a 400×240 resolution LCD. I can’t see that being ideal for old 4:3 games without big black borders on each side or a horrible stretched effect. 320×240 would have been fine, oh well. Most interestingly though, the A380 is said to run Dingux from the off. Dingootech has said that they will be releasing the source for their Dingux version once the machine is out. Interestingly, they also claim to have gotten the wireless chip (for multiplayer only), the new resolution, and vibration supported in Dingux already. I’d take it all with a pinch of salt though to be honest, it wouldn’t surprise me to be fobbed off with a Propiertary OS skinned to look like Gmenu2x. Have a look at some pics below, if you like.

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