Dealextreme Gamebox Arcade Emulator – First Review

You recall the Chinese Gamebox console I mentioned before? Well they’re beginning to arrive in the hands of eager guinea pigs now and the first review cropped up on t’internet earlier today.

Read on for the lowdown…

The link to the forum post is at the bottom of the page, but here is a summay so far.


  • Seems to play most preloaded games very well.
  • Has a simple but functional menu system.
  • Can use most USB controllers (read under cons for reason).
  • Nice blue light 🙂


  • It doesn’t seem like there is a way to hook the device up to your PC to swap game images. At least, the guy hasn’t found out how to do it yet. Windows spits out an error about USB malfunction when you plug it in.
  • Can only play .gba game extensions and .avi (divx or xvid) and .mov movie files from the SD card slot.
  • It appears that generic USB controllers do NOT work, and what’s more the supplied controller does not work in a PC. The thinking is that although the USB ports are using the correct form factor, they are using a non standard pin out, meaning it doesn’t function in the way a normal USB port would.

Check below for some vids of various games being played, as well as a snippet of the main menu.


And a couple of shots of the internals. It’s quite surprising to see a heatsink and fan, especially if it really is an Ingenic JZ4755 which are found operating in various handhelds like the Dingoo A380 sans any kind of heat dissipation mechanism.

And as promised, here’s the original thread on the acadecontrols forum.

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