Nintendo 3DS First Impressions…

I had the pleasure of trying out a 3DS  in Nottingham yesterday, they have a caravan type thing in the Market Square where you can try one out first hand. When you walk in you’re directed round a short Nintendo Museum of all their old handhelds starting from the Game and Watch (Donkey Kong was the on they had in Notts). They didn’t have a GBA, just a GBA SP and skipped GB pocket and Color too. Both the Game and Watch and the original Game Boy were really scratched up, I woulda thought they’d have at least had some new cases made for them.

Anyway, I played Pilot Wings, Ridge Racer and some lego thing for about 30 mins in total and while the 3D effect is interesting, it’s nowhere near as dramatic as the 3D in cinemas (to be expected I suppose – different technology and all that). More important for me was the fact that it felt much more comfortable on the eyes with the 3D turned off altogether. Also noticed that the screen seemed quite dim, maybe the brightness was turned down in software, not sure. The analog pad was nice to use, they got it just right. The graphics of the games I played looked to be somewhere around Gamecube level, not bad but nothing ground breaking really.

I’ll likely end up buying one on launch day, just because I don’t feel like it’s something I can live without (I’m hopelessly addicted to portable games machines :()

How about you lot? Pre-ordered already or waiting a while? Or not interested at all?

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  1. I’m a Nintendo guy, have been ever since the SNES, but this is one I think I’m gonna wait on. I’m sure I’ll get one eventually but I’m not willing to pay more than $200 for a portable game console, and I possess an actual hatred for 3D in it’s current form since I don’t feel it really adds to the gameplay. My limit will increase over time to compensate for inflation, but for now 200 is my limit. I’m just waiting for a price drop and, hopefully, a battery time increase.

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