Another PS1 Home Console Emulator Hits The Shelves

Hot on the heels of the JXD M1000 (and the handheld equivalent, the 3000) comes another home console with Playstation emulation. Whoever manufactured this one went one step further and actually cloned the aesthetics of the PS One as well. Unfortunately I have nothing more to share, other than some pics and a couple of links.

In the description is a link to a site presumably provided by the manufacturer where you can download images for the machine. I would imagine that they’re simply normal PS1 images that they have tested and found to work. Check out the link here. They obviously have no legal right to be distributing these games, so proceed with caution if you’re the paranoid sort.

At $76.70 this thing is rather a lot cheaper than the JXD M1000, but as yet there is no info concerning the hardware or state of the emulator. I would have a guess that it’s using the same Actions Semiconductors chip found in the JXD models, but with no screenshots of the GUI or online reviews (yet) then it’s anyone’s guess. Click here for the link to the product page on our beloved DealExtreme.

6 thoughts on “Another PS1 Home Console Emulator Hits The Shelves”

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      • well whether its worth buying or not depends entirely on how good the emulation is. if it actually emulates the PS1 well then it’d be a far more convenient option than the real thing – I’d much rather have a bunch of games on an SD card than a stack of space-consuming scratch-prone unreliable CDs (not to mention region locks, games like PAL Symphony of the Night being super expensive and other such things).

        Plus with the aforementioned video playback, HDMI & (claimed) “ultra low power consumption” you could think of it as a media player with the bonus ability to play PS1 games rather than a PS1 clone. of course if the emulation is worthless then there are much cheaper media players available, so you’ll have to wait for people to actually get one and try it out..


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