Sony NGP Already Knocked Off, But In A Mildly Interesting Way.

Well that didn’t take long did it? Although not released yet, the forums over on CnGBA are buzzing with pictures, questions and speculation over a new machine dubbed the RG or the ‘iReadyGo’. Why the fuss? Well it looks like some manufacturer in China decided to go against the grain and release an open source machine this time, and even went as far as sticking in what looks to be a semi decent processor too.

The RG will run Android, though which version is anyone’s guess at the moment. The CPU is stated to be running at 1GHZ and though the actual chip isn’t listed, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was an ARM Cortex A8 since they are cheap now and still relatively powerful.

Now don’t get too excited. WIFI, as well as 3G, GPS and any other added extras like that are said to be supported, meaning they’ll perhaps work via a dongle in the USB port somewhere on the unit. The screen is to be a capacitive 800×480 OLED at 5 inches across. The D pad looks like crap, so let’s hope they change it before mass production.

Here are some pics of actual prototypes that I gathered from the CnGBA forums. Looks like the left shoulder button popped out on a few of these shots, whoops!

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