Gemei Are At It Again…

In the infuriatingly nonsensical world of Chinese handheld manufacturers comes yet another piece of insanity to confuse and annoy you even further. Around 6 or 7 years ago Gemei released a handheld called the X760 and the X760+. It looked like this:

Less than 1 year after releasing their Gemei A330 (the one that features heavily on this blog) they’re about to put out yet another handheld. And guess what they’re apparently calling this one? Yeah, the X760+. Wtf.

It looks like this:

According to booboo’s blog it’ll have more or less the same hardware as the A330 (CC1800 ARM processor). The main difference is the 4.3″ 480×272 LCD screen (compared to 3.0″ 320×240 in the A330), the addition of an analog pad (useless for the kind of games it’ll play) and a swathe of extra buttons along the bottom. I really can’t understand this move at all, it makes no sense to me. Due out at the end of May supposedly.

As far as Dingux on the A330 goes, it’s not looking great currently. Booboo is tied up with other projects and ChinaChip are reluctant to answer his emails asking them to allow to him share what he has so far. I propose that anyone interested enough fires off an email to ChinaChip explaining the situation and asking them to help us out here. Their email address is Keep it short, to the point, polite and use basic English ‘cos I guess they probably don’t speak it ever so well (if at all). I doubt it’ll do any good but it can’t hurt, right?

2 thoughts on “Gemei Are At It Again…”

  1. I can tell you one thing. I’m not buying anything made by Gemei unless it runs Dingux. Perhaps Gemei will see the light when they realize sales of their newer consoles aren’t nearly as strong as the original Dingoo. As for myself. The next open handheld I buy will be made by GPH.

  2. WTF!! I think we all want a handheld alone in the market for at least 3 or 4 years!! So it could receive a large support and maybe Dingux.

    But releasing newer in short period of time isn’t great, if I was a codder, I whoudn’t know which one I should pay attention…

    The good side is that someday they’ll evolve to a state that they will be abble to emulate PSX perfectly… honestly they should release them running linux natively and totally open to any kind of coder.


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