The Insanity Continues…

OK here we go. A new version of the A330 appeared on DX today, so here’s my interpretation. I’m fairly confident I’m right, but don’t take it as gospel.

To the best of my knowledge, all of these machines house the exact same hardware (minus the differences listed below) and run on the same software.

Gemei A330 – $98.48 from DX. Multiplayer enabled.
Dingoo Digital A330EX – $93.50 from DX. Multiplayer enabled.

Gemei A330 (aka ‘Fashion Edition’) – $68.00 from DX. No Multiplayer.
Dingoo Digital A330LE – $83.20 from DX. No Multiplayer.

So it looks like if you want multiplayer then the Dingoo Digital A330EX is your best bet. If you don’t, then the Gemei A330 Fashion Edition is the one for you. I wonder if over in China they have any concept of what a ridiculous and unnecessary pigs ear they’re making of this.

Edit// Since writing this, the price for the Gemei A330 w/ Multiplayer has dropped to $87.99.

6 thoughts on “The Insanity Continues…”

  1. man i really appreciate your blog, keep doing this amazing job!!

    i just bought an 3ds, i own an nds, owned gbc, gba and many other consoles.

    i’m planning in buying these chinese consoles, starting with the gamei a330 fashion from DX!

    I can help you with pics and reviews, cuz i’m planning in buying the jdx and other handhelds from china! 😀

    soooo coooll 😀

    Also, you could talk about this strange handhelp witch appears to be the same thing as a a320


    • Thanks mate, your kind words are appreciated!

      Though I can’t get on the gbatemp link you provided (I’m at work), the reason I haven’t covered this device is because it was released before I started my blog and pretty much got no popularity with its release. You’re right though, it’s basically a normal Dingoo Dingital A320, manufactured under the authority of Dingoo Tech (a splintered group of devs from the original Dingoo Digital team). The device is identical to the Dingoo A320 except it supports the use of a wireless pad and comes in a different shell. It has 64MB of RAM as opposed to the 32MB in the A320, but because Dingoo Tech either don’t have the time, skill, or ability to modify the Firmware it unfortunately doesn’t make any use of the extra 32MB. It’s generally seen as a ‘cash in’ and most people will tell you to steer clear of it I reckon.

      Happy shopping, the Gemei A330 is a pretty cool device. It’ll be even better once Dingux is ported to it.

      • Hey thanks!!
        Yes i noticed that things about the DT A330…

        I am so excited to buy those chineses consoles as a collectible thing and because they are very cool, and funny, the chineses are so non-sense!!

        In the next month i’ll buy the Gemei A330 Fashion Edition, I really hope the Dingux to be ported and receive great support from homebrewers!!

        Since I live in Brazil, those thing take some time to arrive, at about 30 days… but this is it, I’ll buy them, at least just the Gamei A330 Fashion and the JXD M3000! 😀

        I also bought one GBA Clone for my cousin, the same you have reviewed, and this blog motivated me even further to buy it, your review is very great, and the device is good, just good.

        So, fingers crossed for the Dingux for Gamei/Dingoo A330!!

        See ya! XD

  2. I just hope to sweet science you are right. I just ordered the Gemei A330 Fashion Edition hoping it will be the same quality as the regular edition.


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