New Gemei X760+ LE Vids

User wrctube has sourced and uploaded a couple of vids to youtube showing off the upcoming new Gemei handheld, the X760+ (LE?). Not to be confused with the Gemei X760+ released a few years ago, this machine has more in common with Gemei’s current handheld, the A330. It runs on the same CC1800 processor and is likely to share most of the other hardware with it’s A330 cousin too, bar the screen which is a widescreen (400×240?) this time around.

The first video shows off some Neo Geo emulation in the form of:

AeroFighters 2
Warriors of Fate
Metal Slug X
King of Fighters 97

The second is a review of sorts:

I’m starting to get a little tired of all these rehashed consoles though. We need to see some Tegra 2 or Cortex A9 machines to really make things interesting. Nothing against the Super Nintendo generation of games, but it’s been done now… time to move on.

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  1. I agree that they need to come out with something new and interesting. You can buy a mint PSP for the same price as one of these.


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