The Russians Understand, Sort Of.

Well I must admit this is all news to me, but it looks like an as yet unnamed Russian firm have been working closely with Chinese manufacturers to develop a handheld that actually runs Dingux out of the box. Hallelujah! Finally, someone with the ability to make it happen has made it happen. Read on for the lowdown…

Say hello to the R480, a sleek and original looking handheld due to be released to the Russian market in the coming months. Unfortunately that’s where my enthusiasm begins to tail off, because despite its great intentions it doesn’t really seem to deliver in many other areas. Firstly the screen. I know widescreens look cool and all that, but unless the device intends to emulate games that were originally intended to be played on a widescreen it is more of a hindrance than a help. 480×272 is the stated resolution, meaning that aside from a handful of PS1 games that support widescreen mode, most games will either be stretched to fit or will play with black borders on either side of the screen. As yet the emulators don’t support anything but the stretched option, but that may change before release. “PS1?” I hear you shout. Yep, this brings me to my second point. The CPU inside this thing is said to be an Ingenic JZ4755 running at 400MhZ, this is 1 generation newer than the 336MhZ JZ4750 inside the dingoo A320. As you likely know, a port of PSX4ALL was made for the A320 and it runs a handful of PS1 games at a decent framerate with sound disabled. I guess we can expect this to run the same games slightly better, the PS1 demo in the video below has sound disabled but remember these are not final versions.

Also of note is the A320 compatibility mode. Selecting the option in the menu means that binaries for the A320 Dingux can be run on the R480 without modification, simply stretching the image to fit the wider screen. Great news for those wanting to make the small upgrade. The RAM is also doubled from 32MB to 64MB in this model, meaning projects like the comic book reader that were abandoned due to memory limitations on the A320 can be run on the R480 without bother.

It’s progress I suppose, but just how many handhelds do we need that emulate the same old consoles over and over again? If someone were to bite the bullet and create a machine based on the newly released JZ4770 then we’d be laughing all the way to our N64 and Ps1 ROM directories. The included emulator list for this machine is quite extensive, but it still fails to break the PS1 and N64 barrier with any enthusiasm at all. Here’s a run down of what’s included on the R480.

From the factory:

  • CAPCOM System 1
  • CAPCOM System 2
  • Neo Geo
  • Game Boy
  • Gameboy Color
  • Game Boy Advance
  • Super Nintendo
  • Sega Megadrive
  • Sega Master System
  • Sega Game Gear

Other emulators tested and working:

  • PSX4ALL (PS1) (was already on the console, optimized for developers)
  • Unreal Speccy Portable (set for the official version from the authors Dingux emulator)
For the full story (in Russian), follow the link to who are in possession of the sample unit and kindly provided a little look around the device in the youtube video below. (Click the CC button for English subtitles.)

8 thoughts on “The Russians Understand, Sort Of.”

  1. isn’t this site from gibberish from

    i saw comments in portuguese in the JXD post…

    btw, looking forward to a real dingoo/gemei with dingux… also i really want to buy one jxd3000!!!

    i’m just paying some things and when i’m free i’ll buy one 😉

    man, thankyou very much for this blog, it’s awesome, and i really like those ‘multi emulators’ 😀

    We only need linux running on them so the homebrew developers will do an amazing job with emulators!

  2. Sigh, loose the wide screen, put on a pair of analog nubs, use Dingux, and the new JZ4770. The first handheld to do these things will sell a ton of units. I just don’t understand why those designing handhelds can’t seem to figure it out. It’s almost like they’ve never used a handheld and are going by pictures they’ve seen of the PSP.

  3. Hi there.
    My 2 cents:
    CPU is a just a guess. It works slightly faster, than Dingux’ed A320, so it quite possible that x55 is inside.
    “Market hit” is in September – this is planned date. Nobody guarantees, that it will happen. The Company sells thousands of gadgets in Russia, and there is a still a possibility, that the decision will be not nice to us – market may not be ready to accept this. Linux is “scary” for a particular user, you know it better than me. So let’s cross our fingers and see what will happen. Thanks for your post.


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