Who Wants a Crappy Home Console In a Knockoff PS2 or XBOX360 Shell?

Yeah me neither. These 2 things just appeared on DX, both home consoles that support CPS1/CPS2/NeoGeo/GBA ROMS.Likely identical on the inside,  just shelled with knockoff PS2 slim and XBOX 360 cases.

Going by the supported systems, this could be another JZ4755 machine like the Gamebox. You’ll have to wait for some brave or idiotic soul to sent $70 DX’s way before you can find out.

On the upside, it looks as though you can use your own pads on the Piistation at least – unlike the Gamebox with it’s fake USB connectors requiring pads manufactured by themselves. If you can load your own ROMs with ease, and the emulators are of the same standard to the Gamebox ones, it might be worth the splurge. It’s still more expensive and less capable than a modded XBOX1 though,

piistation nd-3000
vbox II nj-3802

2 thoughts on “Who Wants a Crappy Home Console In a Knockoff PS2 or XBOX360 Shell?”

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  2. So U think The Gamebox for $53.50 is better than one of thoose ?

    Have been thinking of buying the Gamebox as a collective for a while , ended up buying one JXD M1000, maybe it will arrive in a week or two.


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