Cex Takes The Driver’s Seat In Gemei A330 Development.

Whilst it seems booboo has at least temporarily ceased working on the port of Dingux for our GA330, over on the Dingoonity forums cex and Harteex are marching full steam ahead with development of emulators and games for the native firmware instead.

You can find a list of current ports, including links to download the likes of PocketSNES (Super Nintendo Emulator) and SMSsdl (Sega Master System and Game Gear Emulator) from this thread here. If you want to take part in the action, it isn’t just coders that are needed. You can help out by trying out the new builds of these ports and posting your results in the ever growing thread here. It’s great thing to behold. I hope Gemei are suitably impressed that so much can happen without one iota of help from themselves.

6 thoughts on “Cex Takes The Driver’s Seat In Gemei A330 Development.”

  1. Well if the Chinese wont make the console we want the Koreans will. GPH releases a new console every two years like clockwork. A new console a revision and then a completely new console. We’re due a new console in 2012,

  2. So they just emulate small time consoles? Not even nes64? Bad snes leaving genesis only on 16bit? It’s still worth buying a psp with cfw pro, which makes it much wider on emulation. Any thoughts?

    • The PSP and GPH Caanoo are both better options for emulation but I like my Dingoo because there’s emulators not available on other platforms and I like the size. It’s more of a retro emu system but I like it. I’ll buy any handheld with a vibrant development scene. As far as N64, we’re all holing our breath on that. The OS and GUI are done (Dingux), there’s been a lot of amazing develpoment now we just need the console to put it all together. I have a feeling we’ll see that new console some time in 2012.

      • I don’t know about that… It honestly seems like these companies are spinning their wheels with the hardware. I’m not too familiar with the Caanoo, but I do know about the Dingoo family tree. Right now the newest units (the A380 and X760+ LE) are barely better than ones that came out back in ’09.

  3. Perhaps someone here can answer a few questions on the Gemei. Is it worth updating if you own a Dingoo? I’ve seen side by side comparisons on youtube and performance appears to be identical. One of my biggest issues with the dingoo is the poor sound quality. Does the Gemei have better sound? All in all $68 is a really good price but I need a little convincing.

    • I can’t tell you exactly what you want to know, but I can probably help a little.
      First, there is a problem with the sound on the Gemei A330. It’s not really a quality issue, but more of a software issue. The native firmware set a sound buffer too large and because of this, most sounds are delayed by half a second on most native emulators. It’s prominent on Genesis/Mega Drive games, but is also present on NES and GBA. Cex’s port of SMS/GG bypassed this problem somehow, so if there were more development on the Gemei this may be eventually bypassed completely.
      Second, the native SNES emulator lacks transparency, making a lot of games unplayable. The PocketSNES emulator port is just starting, so there are a few kinks to work out before it’s running smoothly.
      All in all, I’d say if you have a working Dingoo…. don’t get the Gemei yet. It’s not as functionally complete as the Dingoo is, but that seems to be changing rapidly. If you do get one, you are gambling on whether or not this recent spur in development will last.


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