JXD3000 Gets A Revamp. Bigger, Higher Resolution Screen. Renamed JXD5000.

JXD are at it again with their incremental upgrades. This time they’ve revamped their handheld PS1 emulator with a 5″ 800×480 screen. It also seems to be using the newer firmware out of the box, which allows for GBA and SNES emulation too. I’m assuming nothing has changed on the inside, and if I’m right it’ll be using the Actions Semiconductors G1000 MIPS CPU clocked at 500MHz.


If you think it’s worth the $100 it’ll run you, you can grab one exclusively (apparently) from everbuying.

7 thoughts on “JXD3000 Gets A Revamp. Bigger, Higher Resolution Screen. Renamed JXD5000.”

  1. I see no purpose to console uses the same processor and has a higher pixel count. More pixels with same CPU make console is slower.

    • That goes without saying. This blog is about obscure handhelds it’s not named best value for the money handhelds. I visit this site to see every new handheld as it hits the market.

    • i think that is a good choice get those obscure handheld with “open source” minded, i own my Dingoo, Gemei and JXD, and i can buy PSP…. no problem.

      i use PSP for 3D games…

      and im thinking about Retro Consoles witch came to you to remember good times… so i dont have any problems with this choice….

      i wish to have Open Pandora some day, just to support open handhelds

      • yes I know it’s an open source handheld, but my though for that commment come when I see the price tag, 100$ is really high for a china brand handheld.
        since the PSP price is below 150$ now, and if you put custom firmware on the PSP, its become “open source” with more support from the community than any other handheld, alot of emulator, apps, plugins, homebrew games that you can easily download and play on your PSP.
        If the JXD’s price is about 70$, then it’s a good handheld.


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