Cube U15GT Android PMP Now Available.

I mentioned the Cube player in the previous post but at the time it wasn’t available to purchase and there was little information about it around the net. Well the player is now available to buy for the same $160 that the Window N50 is selling for. Currently you’ll find it at but expect it (and the N50) in other stores in the coming weeks. It does look like the specs are identical to those of the N50, the only differences being the aesthetics and perhaps the choice of display (though both are capacitive, support 5 point multi touch, and are 800×480).

We can likely expect more companies to jump on this bandwagon in the coming weeks with the likes of Onda and Ainol, perhaps even Gemei or Ramos and some no-brands releasing their own take on the 5″ RK2918 micro tablet. I’ve managed to reign myself in so far, instead I bagged a cheap Touchpad last week so that should probably be my frivolous spending done for this month at least. Anyone else taken the leap on one of these tiny tablets? I’d be interested to hear your experiences if so, good or bad.

I found a video of the Cube’s UI on youtube. It does look as though the video has been sped up, but it’s clear even with the increase in speed that the device is performing very well (at least in the tasks the demo’er is demo’ing).

5 thoughts on “Cube U15GT Android PMP Now Available.”

  1. Actually you changed my mind. I’ve never really been a fan of Archos products. Well not since the old Jukebox MP3 player with rockbox.

    • man the old archos stuff was good. my brother had a gmini xs 202 which looked, felt and sounded the business. unfortunately he smashed the screen so all it functions as now is a removable hard drive.
      i remember a mate of mine had an archos player that looked like a handheld as well. gmini 400 according to google images. made of brushed aliminium, nice.
      unfortunately, after playing with a few of their recent devices in pc world (shudder) they don’t seem to be making stuff to the same standard as they used to.

      • For the longest time I wanted an Archos PMP then when I finally got serous they ended up ID’ing the hard drives to the device so you could never upgrade. Big turn off for me. The next time they came out with something I was interested in was the windows xp tablet. I could be wrong but I think Archos was the first to come out with a tablet. From what I hear windows is rubbish on a touchscreen. Who knows, they’ve got it in the past. They might surprise us in the future.

  2. I also blew my roll on an HP touchpad. I plan on getting a N50 because I don’t have an Android device. It’s just a matter of saving some cash.


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