OpenDingux v2.0 Is Ready To Roll.

Late to the party again it seems. 4 days ago version 2.0 of the new and improved Dingux OS for the Dingoo A320 was released. I’ll let the developers (mth and Ayla) do the talking this time, so check out the release notes below, as well as a couple of vids.

We released an updated developer pre-release of OpenDingux, based on the feedback we got on the first pre-release. We had almost 500 rootfs downloads of the first pre-release and almost 200 toolchain downloads. There are still some rough edges, but adventurous users are encouraged to try this second pre-release, as long as they don’t expect everything to work yet.

Most notable changes:

– Fixed double buffering when TV-out is active
– Made framebuffer cacheable; this can speed up rendering considerably
– Changed supported image formats for SDL_image; fixes games that use JPEG images
– Added libmikmod and support for it in SDL_mixer; fixes games that use music in MOD or other tracker formats
– Many small improvements to gmenu2x
– Ability to kill active application using power + select
– The full list of changes is on the download page.

Discuss it here:

Make sure you read the wiki located here.
Download here.
Author/Porter: mth, ayla

You can find a tutorial on how to install it here.

And a video of it in action here:

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