Window N50 DT Unboxing…

Well my Window N50 DT arrived, and I managed to contain my excitement long enough to grab a camera and film the unboxing. The amount of tat that came with it is quite astonishing, but hey I love tat so I’m not complaining.

There’ll be a full review later, perhaps in a couple of days once I’ve had chance to have a proper look around. First impressions? Not bad. It’s nippy, it plays 720p MKV like it doesn’t care and audio quality through headphones is good. The touch screen is pretty responsive though not quite on a par with my HTC Desire and the screen quality is good but grainy. Web browsing is a lot better than I saw in some other vids, fast and with fluid scrolling. It weighs more than I thought, in a good way, and it’s smaller than I thought it would be too, which is also a good thing I reckon. Full review another time…

21 thoughts on “Window N50 DT Unboxing…”

  1. I’m not sure this is a good value compared to a nook color you can find at for 149 on sale, sans camera and usb host (but with bluetooth).

  2. Would be even better with game controls.

    I can´t understand why chinese manufacturers don´t release a android mini Tablet/media player with a gamepad incorporated.

  3. think i made up my mind before the review.. i don’t need this… have an android smartphone (cheap but good fly ying fg8 to use mango reader and gps mostly) and my gemei a330 with the simple good working mp3 menu i like. If i need a bigger screen to read manga i’ll just buy a cheaper 5inch pmp some time who knows.
    nintendo needs me.. i’ll spend a little more on a 3ds before it dissapears :p
    nintendo d better hack it themselves asap 🙂

  4. i need to replace my very obscure nokia n810/800 tablet and was looking for something in the pocketable 5″ range.
    i do believe the n50DT and cube U15GT compete with the Samsung Galaxy S 5″ Wifi.
    might get the n50dt

    • For some reason the Galaxy S 5″ is rare with only a few being sold on ebay for over $200. I don’t think they are any longer in production. Earlier this month the Galaxy S 5″ was being blown out for $170. Dell also got out of the mini tablet market blowing out their stock for $99. I missed both those deals. So that pretty much leaves the N50 and it’s variants.

  5. Hey, can you please show us some comic/manga reading on it?

    It will be interesting too (my girlfriend already has a 7″ android tablet wich is great for that purpose”, but i woul like to see how it looks on this tiny screen too)


    • i’ve already made the video review (not posted it yet though) so i’m afraid it won’t make it into that. but if you tell me what comic reading applications there are and perhaps supply a comic or 2 to test i’d be glad to do it for ya.

  6. Kind of reminds me of an iPod touch. I’ll be interested in the sound quality of the speakers. Seems like the Chinese love to skimp on sound quality for some reason.

    • Speaker quality is not bad (better than my HTC Desire at least) but its volume is fairly pitiful. Sound quality and volume through headphones is really quite nice though. Full review early next week I think.

  7. Looks like a quality device at a great price. I’ll be looking forward to the review.

    PS: Please find many major defects with the device, I need some good reasons to fight off my gadget habit.


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