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  1. Hi Man, I saw the review of this nice device by charbax, than i found ur blog an saw ur review (very good imho). I decided to buy this device from china but they are on holiday now ( lol )… I want to ask u if u think that wil come some fw revisions for this device, or if u have some information about some cookers working on it.

    Sorry for my English :D…. Cheers from Italy

    • it’ll come with the same firmware shown on my video, but this is a “test” firmware. the final version is due out in a couple of weeks and does look to be an improvement (at least from the stills i’ve seen of it in the link below).


      i think it’s unlikely that there will be any community support for it, it’s such a niche device and rockchip don’t supply much info to aid developers in that regard.

      • thx for the reply, so the problem is that rockchip is not doing something to help the developers (that is a stupid thing ‘couse that cheap devices NEED a kind of optimization imho) well i think i will buy that once i get money on the prepaid card, i think is a very good device to listen to music and play on the train.


  2. Great review. I enjoyed seeing every aspect of this device pt through the rounds. I have one request though. There’s a volume boost app for my HP touchpad. I was wondering if there’s an android version you could test?

  3. I’m sold. Will be ordering on Monday. Pity about the lack of Bluetooth, though it is otherwise specd out perfectly for my needs. (I intend to carry it in a thigh pocket, possibly with a folding keyboard of some sort, ant a 7″ tablet wont quite fit). An excellent review, as well! 🙂


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