Is This The Android Powered iReadyGo?

If you cast your mind back as far as April you might remember the rumours of an Android handheld modelled very closely on what will be Sony’s next machine, the Vita. Well everything went quiet on that front until recently when listings for a new Yinlips device started appearing on the net. Yinlips are the company behind the G80, a mildly successful Win CE 5.0 clamshell comuter back in 2009.

Well it looks as though the iReadyGo has resurfaced, this time under the Yinlips YDPG18 name. It may be a different device, but it certainly looks to be very similar to the aforementioned iReadyGo.

Read on for some specs and more pictures.

  • 5.0″ High definition Touch Screen
  • Android 2.2 OS,quickly visit any website
  • CPU: 1.2GHz , RAM: 512MB
  • Support HDMI HD output
  • Support all kinds of net games
  • Support MSN,SKYPE, QQ online chat

Not mentioned in the official spec is the fact it has WIFI (I think there might a model without WIFI too), a 2200mah battery, a screen res of 800×480 (resistive, I assume) and is apparently capable of N64 and PS1 emulation. Nice.

I discovered a few mentions on Chinese forums that suggest its processor is an AMLogic SK300, but haven’t been able to dig up any information on it. I’ve hunted a while on Youku too, but again I’ve not been able to find any videos of it in action which suggests that it’s perhaps not yet released. There are some actual photos of what looks to be a working device though, which is more than we got from the iReadyGo with its glued on front facing buttons and dislodged shoulder buttons.

The listings on Taobao are all around the £70 mark, which is about $105 – $110. So if it ever appears on our beloved DX or elsewhere then the price after shipping will probably be about $150 – $170.
I dug up some pics, check them out…

If anyone is tempted to grab one then the only possible way currently is via Taobao (assuming they’re not pre-orders). Taobao is like the Chinese version of Amazon, and as you’d expect it is all in Chinese. The dudes over at Zarmark offer a service whereby you place an order through them and they arrange buying the product and shipping it to your door. They do add a fee of course, but when you’re chomping at the bit with impatience it’s sometimes worth the cost. I’ve used them a couple of times before and can vouch for their integrity.

Taobao Listings
Zarmark email address:

And no I’m not on a commission before any wise guys chime in!

9 thoughts on “Is This The Android Powered iReadyGo?”

    • and now the JXD S7100 appears : 7″ but no triggers but more buttons and better multitouch screen : sigh, the chinese will have all my money !!!

  1. Nice one. I can’t help either to want all these gadgets too eheh even though price seems pace to pace with psp, which is about 125 euro where I live, and it does so much more than emulation with a cfw. Keep it up, I like to visit this site from time to time and read all these curiosities.

  2. Wow!, it seems chinese people are working on it!

    I dont know how is the state of emulation over android but this seems very promising.

  3. If the price stays at the level you mentioned, I really consider buying one of those devices. I can even justify such purchase, I need to learn how to write apps for Android. But I would be confident about buying such device if it had a GPU. Got any idea if AMLogic SK300 chips have a GPU?


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