Viewsonic’s Take On Handheld Gaming…

It may seem odd to see a renowned PC monitor manufacturer release something so obscure, but things have changed at Viewsonic in the recent past. In the last couple of years someone at the California company must have decided that rebranding generic products with their own name could be a worthwhile revenue stream, and so things like LCD picture frames, MP4 players, camcorders and god knows what else have made their way onto the American, European and sometimes exclusively Asian markets. Given that fact, it may not be so surprising to see this cheeky little gaming machine rear its head on our beloved DealExtreme. Behold, the Viewsonic G432.

At first glance it looks to be yet another generic “Game Player”, but according to the description on DealExtreme this little tyke is running Win CE 6.0. Though it’s nothing to get overly excited about, it does set it apart from the plethora of other generic gaming handhelds currently available, in that there is rather a large amount of homemade software, including emulators, available for the platform. It’s not the first handheld to utilise the OS, if you cast your mind back about 6 years you may recall the ill fated Gizmondo ran on the same platform. Theoretically this machine could be rather easy to develop for, but of course it requires enough interest from the talented individuals that are capable of, and willing to, develop for a platform that has all but snuffed it.

Here’s some more pics.

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