SNK Playmore To Play Again?

Now this is what I’m talking about! A few hours ago some interesting news went up on Japanese gaming site Famicom Plaza pertaining to a new handheld licensed by SNK. It’s been nearly 13 years since the ill fated Neo Geo Pocket Color went head to head with the Game Boy Advance and lost, so in 2012 what delights can they possibly have in store for us?

As usual detailed info is rather thin on the ground, but some info has been divulged… Read on.

Current specs indicate the following. Who knows how much of this is confirmed, so don’t base a thesis on it or anything.

  • It’s licensed by SNK Playmore, but we don’t know the manufacturer.
  • It probably has a 4.3″ screen.
  • Its dimensions are rumoured to be 170x72x15mm.
  • It has an SD Card slot.
  • 2GB onboard storage.
  • It has 4 shoulder buttons!
  • Hardware volume and brightness buttons.
  • It supports video output.
  • It looks to have an 8 way micro switch controller, similar to that of the Pocket and Pocket Color.
  • Its codename, or at least the name that Famicon Plaza has been given for it is simply ‘Neo Geo Portable Device’.
  • It comes preloaded with 20 classic Neo Geo games.

The games it’ll come with are:

Art of Fighting
Baseball Stars Professional
Cyber Lip
Fatal Fury
Fatal Fury Special
King of Fighters ’94
King of Monsters
Last Resort
League Bowling
Magical Lord
Metal Slug
Mutation Nation
Samurai Shodown
Super Sidekicks
Top Player’s Golf
Ultimete 11
World Heroes

Here’s some pics.

As exciting as this is on the surface, part of me wonders whether this really is a new attempt from SNK to enter the handheld market. It’s possible, if not somewhat likely that they’ve done a Sega and allowed an OEM to emblazen the SNK logo onto their own generic device. Save for the micro switch D-Pad it does look startlingly like a thousand cheap Chinese handhelds I’ve already seen, even going so far as to tip its hat to the iPhone 4’s aesthetics. I’m remaining hopeful that even if my candid pessimism proves to be right, that the price will be right and something can come of the device. It’s always nice to see an old friend return after so long, let’s hope he can stick around this time.

Original Source: Famicom Plaza (Japanese)

6 thoughts on “SNK Playmore To Play Again?”

  1. I don’t know anything about the manufacturer (if it IS snk, then all I can say is, Faselei 2 PLEASE!), but I wonder if this will be an open source device, allowing for further emulation and homebrewing. If they were to throw this in at a time when all other companies’ handhelds are generations ahead, AND easily hackable, not to mention the Vita coming out, they would have to invest heavily in game production, just to stay afloat.


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