What Do We Have Here…?

It looks as though Foscor over on the Dingoonity boards has dug up some news of a device utilising the K-Team hardware. Evidently still in prototype/design stages, the above promo hints at what could perhaps be the first mass produced run of K-Team devices. Currently housed in a very Gemei A330 looking shell, this is the version that comes bundled with the K-Card and supports TV-Output.

Foscor notes that the below image is an engineering sample and not the finished commercial product, so we can expect the final product to look a whole lot more handsome than this.

I don’t know about you but I’d just love to have one in the original GBA shell, but I’ll happily make do with one of these once they’re available. The last image is a render, perhaps somewhat closer to what we’ll get out of the box.

Source: Foscor, Dingoonity Forums

8 thoughts on “What Do We Have Here…?”

  1. Wonder if this means the clamshell design won’t be seeing mass production.

    If this is the case I might be tempted to pick up one of the SP clones via a taobao agent.

  2. Will this work with original GBA cartridges?

    I too would love one in the original GBA shell, but this will do. I particularly like the rounded corners. 🙂

    I wonder if one could mode it and transplant the innards of this into an old GBA shell.


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