Yinlips Rehouse the YDPG18, Behold The YDPG16

Up on Willgoo is a listing for another Yinlips machine running Android 2.3. Immediate hardware differences between this and the YDPG18 are hard to spot, but it seems as though it’s housing a smaller screen (4.3″) possibly running at 480×272. There is also no mention of the Mali400 GPU for this device but it is advertised as running the same Boxchip A10 as it’s predecessor, which we know (sort of) to be a Cortex A8 @800Mhz and a Mali400 GPU @400Mhz – the culmination of which equals the advertised 1.2Ghz (cheeky, eh?).

The item is listed as pre-order for now, so if you’re interested it might be worth waiting to see if anywhere else lists it cheaper in the near future. I’ve held off buying one of these new Android handhelds so far because I’m waiting for a couple of things – mainly an analog stick that doesn’t just replicate dpad buttons, and also a more responsive touchscreen (resistive or otherwise). A completely new, bug free Android build wouldn’t go amiss either.

5 thoughts on “Yinlips Rehouse the YDPG18, Behold The YDPG16”

  1. Why not go all in and create a device with a d-pad, dual real analog sticks(having three d-pads would be a waste), 4 A/B/X/Y buttons or whatever and four shoulder buttons as well. Plus a decent CPU/GPU that would allow PSX (and maybe N64) emulation at a playable framerate.

    Yeah, I know both the Xperia Play and a PSP would somewhat fit the bill, but the Xperia Play is missing two shoulder buttons and is very expensive, while the PSP misses a analog stick.

    Guess you can’t have it all, eh.

    • The question you ask is the same one probably every reader of the blog asks as well. The problem is that all these devices originate in China, made by firms that also churn out tablets and mp3 players etc. They’re probably not gamers, and don’t really know what gamers want. They’re also limited in what they can build because it’s so important to be first. If one company delays in order to get analog working properly and iron out all the bugs in their OS then they’ll just get beaten by another firm. The lifespan of these things is so short that getting there first is about the most important thing, whether the device is finished or not.

  2. Can`t wait to replace my n50 that broke after 4 months (charger contact soldering got loose, need to find someone who can fix that) with this baby. Cheap and most probably way funner than the n50 🙂


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