More Of The Same From JXD…

These things are coming thick and fast aren’t they? I’d love to be a fly on the wall at the board meetings inside JXD or Yinlips Headquarters, as they decide week in and week out  to release the same machine over and over again with ever so slightly differing specs. It seems crazy to me how they can keep churning these things out, and how it can be profitable to do it this way.

Well anyway, yesterday appeared the JXD V5200, yet another Android 2.3 gaming handheld. This one does away with the Mali400 GPU in favour of a PowerVR SGX531, an OpenGL ES GPU from late 2008 – one step up from the GPU inside the Pandora. It houses a 5″ 800×480 resistive touchscreen and a step down from 512 to 256MB of RAM. Its CPU is rated at 1Ghz.

Willgoo seem to have the cheapest price at the moment at $88.99 with free shipping.

Edit// Aha OK, after visiting the JXD website it seems this thing does offer something new. You can play multiplayer with a friend without the requirement of a wifi connection, provided you’re in close proximity and both have a V5200. Maybe they implemented a similar transceiver to that found inside the Dingoo A380.

7 thoughts on “More Of The Same From JXD…”

      • JXD yanked the S5110 from their web sight hut the short of it is HDMI out, three point capacitive touch, 512mb ram, 1ghz A9, Android 4.0. I’m really liking the specs. I think this could be the next gen handheld we’ve been waiting for. I’m hoping they took it off their sight so they could up the specs. That 1.5ghz dual core would be nice. 1gb of ram even better

  1. “Maybe they implemented a similar transceiver to that found inside the Dingoo A380.”

    It’s Wi-Fi direct, it can connect with any other devices with Wi-Fi directly 😉

  2. I really really really want one of these droid based handhelds but come on get rid of the resistive screen and what’s up with cutting the ram in half?


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