Default Firmware For YDPG16 Available

Thanks to Willgoo and Qbertaddict, we can now do away with the GameManager on the YDPG16. The purpose of the GameManager was to be a single port of call for all your ROMs, simply load it and choose your game for any system. Unfortunately it didn’t work ever so well and it is much easier to simply load the emulator you want and choose your game. But it wasn’t that easy because uninstalling it meant that for some reason you couldn’t map hardware buttons in the emulators.

Well now we have an alternative firmware sans GameManager, that allows mapping of hardware buttons. I think this has come from Yinlips themselves and is not necessarily an updated firmware. Check the video from Qbertaddict below to flash and root your YDPG16 and do away with the tiresome GameManager.

Qbertaddict has kindly put together a bundle of tools required to flash and root this firmware, the link is available in the Youtube description.

Until the YDPG18A is has landed in a few more people’s hands and been tested thoroughly, the YDPG16 is definitely your best choice for Android gaming. You can grab one from willgoo for a very reasonable $89.99.

12 thoughts on “Default Firmware For YDPG16 Available”

  1. After flashing my G16 the system seems to hit an endless loop of turning on, flashing the yinlips logo briefly, turning off again… over and over and over without ever getting anywhere. Advice?

      • I just got it in the mail this morning. I’ve not put an sd card in it yet, so everything it’s doing is without one present. I think it may have other issues beyond the firmware. I can’t calibrate the screen, it constantly seems to be responding to touches that aren’t happening. I went to do the firmware update thinking it might help, but with your firmware it goes into a loop of displaying the yinlips logo. With the yinlips ice cream sandwich firmware (from their website) it loops between two android splash screens. And with the SKE002 firmware from the yinlips site… It tries to calibrate on start up, but one, the screen display is four times to big to see any thing other than two calibration points, and two, it still seems to be responding to imaginary touches and the calibration points jump around like a bad game of whack a mole. I’d intended to replace my GP2X Wiz with this, but so far I’m fairly disappointed. Thank you for your help though. Do you have any other thoughts?

      • I am currently experiencing the same issue. Followed the steps in the video to flash using the g16.img file provided and now the device won’t boot, it only displays the yinlips screen off and on. I do not have an sd card in the yinlips device. Any ideas?

  2. I think button combo is a big issue, at least for me, I can’t play any game, only DIABLO;
    mario kart 64, star fox 64, resident evil, all unplayable because of this issue. I wouldn’t recommend buying this thing, at least not until they fix this problem.


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