S5110, YDPG18A, YDPG16 – Confused? Don’t Be. Qbertaddict1 Sets It Straight.

Can’t decide which of the new models to grab? This video should help you out.

You can buy all these devices from Willgoo.

JXD S5110
Yinlips YDPG16
Yinlips YDPG18A

(I have embedded my referral number into the willgoo links on this page, if you make a purchase using the links I’ve provided I will get 3% to put towards more gadgets to review – it won’t cost you anything. If you’d rather not encourage my frivolous spending habit then just remove the referral from the end, but I’d be eternally grateful if you didn’t – thanks!)

4 thoughts on “S5110, YDPG18A, YDPG16 – Confused? Don’t Be. Qbertaddict1 Sets It Straight.”

  1. Hi! 😀 I don’t know if my Yinlips G16 is fine or not, but my battery last like two and half hours with snes with wifi off. Is this normal? 😀

    • Today I installed Go Power Master, and i was checking the battery widget, with fully charged battery, I started to play SNES and MD and after 15 minutes the battery was in 85% with WIFI on. Is this the normal behavior or the battery indicator is innacurate?


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