Obscure Handhelds Has A New Guy!

If you’ve read the previous article you might have noticed that Obscure Handhelds has a new author! Chad’s a veteran console gamer and self confessed gadget hoarder from Missouri in the USA, he works as a Media Designer and is no stranger to tech blogging. Chad owns no less than 6 tablets spanning just about every mobile OS currently available and has a healthy collection of mainstream and obscure gaming systems to boot. He has kindly agreed to help me update this blog from time to time, so let’s make him feel welcome!

10 thoughts on “Obscure Handhelds Has A New Guy!”

  1. What would be the handheld to get out of the yinlips and jxd models? I like the larger screen size and the more buttons the better so I can play any system. Also being able to run stock android on it would be amazing.

    • IMHO, the model to get is the Yinlips YDPG19 – of those two manufactures.

      Now, I think it may be worth holding off until Archos brings their Gamepad to market by the end of the month. It will have 2 analog sliders – not just one – and I have a lot more faith that Archos’ “Analog sticks” will actually be analog. You can read more about the Archos here – http://obscurehandhelds.wordpress.com/2012/08/30/the-archos-gamepad-more-tablet-gaming-on-the-move/

      More info has come to light since then, and the price isn’t just under $250 – it’s actually promised to be under €130 – or roughly $170…. Still more than the Yinlips or JXD – but faster CPU, dual actual analogs… there’s a lot to love.

      Otherwise, I suggest the Yinlips.


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