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  1. Never appealed to my tastes, even if I were rich. Too expensive, with android devices on par with this for less money, proprietary plugs and etc, nothing generic, always having to go through itunes software on a pc… Nope, I love my chinese tablet and phone lol, put together these two, and it was actually way much cheaper than one of those apple devices, and they do everything that device does and more. But it was interesting to read this article 🙂 thanks for sharing. Keep it up


    1. Care to share what kind of Tablet and/or phone you have?

  2. As a developer I am mostly glad they haven’t added a new exotic resolution but stick with 1024×768 so I don’t have to buy another device for testing.
    As a consumer I wonder why I should pay the extra $100+ when there clearly are competitive Android devices.
    The reason I like the Ipad3 is it’s high resolution, large screen and fast GPU/CPU. I wouldn’t know what to do with a smaller screen and less pixels, I have a phone for that.

    1. They aren’t making the iPad 3 anymore. There’s the new iPad with Retina Display. It’s basically the same as the “New iPad” / “iPad 3” – but with a new CPU.

      1. So it’s like an iPad4? It’s confusing.

  3. What do you think of the iPad Mini – not what do you think of my blog. Just to be clear.

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