Obscure Handhelds Gets A Makeover

If you’re a regular here you might have noticed that the blog looks a bit different today. When I logged on yesterday it suddenly struck me that it looked a bit, well, crap. I hope you all agree that it looks a little bit more classy with the new skin.

On a side note, I’ve had a few people contact me over the past 2 weeks to say there is a problem with the homepage. If you’re finding that the page jumps down a few posts after it has loaded then you’re not alone – it’s doing it this end too. I have no idea why but I am trying to get it sorted, so please bear with us for the time being.


17 Replies to “Obscure Handhelds Gets A Makeover”

  1. Really nice redesign. I am no longer seeing the issue where it jumps down to a few posts down. At least not now. 🙂

    1. It was some java script in the Google docs slideshow in Chad’s review… sorted now 🙂

    2. Yes – my bad. I’m new to WordPress. But I’m learning. Apologies all. Alex tracked down the issue and told me how to fix it. Thanks, Alex.

      1. Don’t worry about it man!

  2. White is a bit too bright for my eyes to read. The layout design however, looks better indeed. Don’t change the comments section for unregistred users because that’s something that I hate (log here, log there, accept this and that), it’s fine as it is ^^ regards

  3. Looks nice. I like it.

  4. When’s that GCW Zero review unit going to arrive? Any tracking number yet?

    1. I didn’t get a review unit but I pre-ordered one of the SE models. Afaik Justin has received a batch of 50-75 and is flashing them and sending them out now. Hopefully mine will arrive in the next 2 or 3 weeks…

  5. Looks sharp; good work. The white is a welcome addition

    1. It was a bit dark and dingey wasn’t it. Anyway, glad you approve! 😀

  6. please use disqus for comments

    1. Not possible I’m afraid. Why though? What’s wrong with the commenting system?

      1. disqus has non-obstrusive comment reply notifications…no emails and no popups

      2. Can’t you just untick “Notify me of follow up comments via email”?

      3. i know but I want to get the updates to see what other are saying and replying…thats cool bet hey I LIKE THE REDESIGN!

      4. Cool OK. I do like Disqus (they used to use it on Engadget) but I don’t think it’s possible with wordpress.com I’m afraid. Glad you like the re-design anyway.

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