Poll: Obscure Handheld Operating System

We are all about the non-mainstream here – it’s even in our name.  So I wanted to know – what handheld operating systems do you prefer?  Other than the obvious iOS and Android / DS and PSP, of course.

Note:  This is just about the software not the hardware.  Multiple answers are accepted, but limited to 3 answers or less.

4 thoughts on “Poll: Obscure Handheld Operating System”

  1. My favorite is Gmenu2x with my GPH handhelds. I also use Gmenu2x with openwrt, and the Dingoo. I know it’s not an OS but I love Gmenu2x. Up till now I have to throw my lot in with GPH products. Especially the WIZ. The WIZ is still the best non mainstream handheld in my pinion but I’m hoping the GCW I have on order is going to change that. I’ll still be using Gmenu2x in any case.

  2. Though I’m using an android phone right now, webOS is still my favorite OS of the smartphone wars. Even now, no other mobile OS can compete when it comes to multitasking. I can’t wait till openwebos development gets to the point of being usable 🙂

  3. For a handheld I prefer OpenDingux (with Gmenu2x), it’s fast, reliable and flexible.
    My housemate had an N900 a few years ago and I really, really liked Maemo 5 on that too. I would have liked to see it become more mainstream.


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