Christmas comes early at Willgoo

In case you haven’t been to a mall or department store, turned on a radio, checked your email or snail mail, or felt the change in the temperature lately, it’s getting close to the holidays, and while it’s not quite Black Friday or Cyber Monday yet – our good friends over at Willgoo has started their Christmas sale.  Make sense, since the more affordable shipping options can take a while.

There are some interesting packs available, including a set of two Yinlips 19s.  So if anyone wants to order something for your two favorite non-mainstream portable device bloggers… *cough cough* I believe Alex and I could probably be persuaded into sharing our respective shipping addresses.  And if Alex doesn’t want to give out that info, I will be happy to accept both on his behalf.  ^_^

Yinlips YDPG19 double pack

I am totally joking about the buying us stuff thing.  Well… mostly.

2 thoughts on “Christmas comes early at Willgoo”

  1. The price is up to 189.00 on the website. It seems to contradict what it it states below that. Does anyone know if the price will go back down?


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