10 thoughts on “What types of handhelds most interest you?”

  1. Not sure where dedicated fighting game controls(never done and NGX doesn’t count becaouse 4 buttons) go but probably somewhere on the second and last.

    • I think “Linux based game systems” would fall under dedicated game emulator system. This would include things like the GP32/GP2X series, Dingoos, and pre-Android JXDs.

      That said – your comment works just as well as voting. It’s just an informal, non-scientific method of finding out what our readers think. Thanks for sharing!

  2. There are a ton of websites dealing with Android devices. I’m mainly interested in stuff like the Revo, Dingoo, Gemei, Neo Geo X, and SMPM8000 style devices.
    The 32in1 Color Game system post was interesting.


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