Out With The Old…

Before I can even get the S7300 review out of the door, along comes news of JXD’s new machine. Initially there was to be an S5600 released alongside the S7300, but that was shelved and taking its place is the S5800. Although it probably won’t be released until Summer, JXD have already said that the hardware mapping bugs on the S7300 will be squished in their new machine. Rumour has it there will be 2 variants, the model A and the model B, though whether both of these materialise will remain to be seen. Model A is is going to be another dual core machine (probably the same AMLogic found in the S7300) and the model B will be a quad core with 2GB of RAM and an IPS screen. Both consoles will be 5 inches and will hopefully look similar (albeit smaller) to the S7300.

There is no official spec for either console yet, but what do you reckon will be powering the JXD S5800 Model B?

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  1. I would buy one that adressed its software/hardware issues, no doubt. If these handhelds, in emulation terms, already stand up to it, I see no reason to be mad eager to see it upgraded to 4 cores plus gfx chip and add cost to it (perhaps maybe to dosbox, which the more the better). What would you more experienced people here advise as a nice emulation console with gba, gen, and perhaps megacd emulation? I’ve looking for one. The revo k101 and the k1 gba are out of stock, I was thinking of getting also one of these.

    • I can only recommend one of these if you’re happy to spend a lot of time experimenting, flashing new roms and keeping up to date with any progress made by the developers. Out of the box it’s not really an enjoyable experience.

      I would recommend the gcw zero for those machines you’re wanting to play, but the whole project has turned into such a farce I’m not even certain you’d get your console before Christmas this year.

      • Thanks for the reply! I know what you mean about the flashing and booting scene alright, it’s crazy but very satisfying when we achieve results. I’ll keep looking around. Wish I could get a cheap psp go to install picodrive lol cheers

  2. I’m curious to see what it can do, especially since JXD seems to be working with the S7300 dev community on improving that device.
    I’m among those hoping that JXD will roll what they are being taught from the devs into the next product so that the software is a better match for the hardware.


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