A Reluctant Change To The Commenting System

Hey everyone. When I first started this blog it was simply for something to do when I was bored at work, but 2 years on when WordPress has long since been blocked at work we’re still here – and the reason for that is twofold. Firstly, it turns out I quite enjoy it, and secondly – seeing that people actually read the blog and even better, talk about some of the posts makes me think it’s worth it. All of you lot are the reason the blog is still here. Thanks very much for that. Unfortunately, the spam messages that get held in my moderation queue have reached critical mass. To give you some idea, since swapping the blog to my own host 6 days ago I’ve had nearly 500 messages go into the moderation queue and all but about 4 have been spam! As you can imagine, I probably end up accidentally trashing some genuine comments along the way and that troubles me! So from now on, if you want to comment here I’m afraid you’re going to have to register first. I understand that that’s an annoyance and I expect to take a hit on the genuine readers that want to comment, but at the moment I can’t think of a better way to sort it!

So there it is. If you’d like to register (I’d be very grateful if you did!) just hit the register link at the top of the menu on the right (or click here). Thanks for reading the blog and thanks to every genuine reader that’s taken the time to post a question or a statement, join in a discussion or even to criticise an article – I value it!

6 thoughts on “A Reluctant Change To The Commenting System”

  1. It’s a nightmare isn’t it. At first I found some amusement in the bullshit they’d write, but it lost its novelty pretty quick. I wish I knew a better way round it than enforcing registration though… I’m not even sure that’ll do the trick to be honest – have to wait and see.

    Cheers for registering! 🙂


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