Obscure Cameras

A little favour for our friends at Willgoo. They have recently decided to broaden their horizons a little, and have opened a new website specialising in cameras. Diggcams sells a mixture of dashcams, sports cameras and camcorders, but they also stock night vision cameras, microscopes and some waterproof housings too. If this sort of thing tickles your fancy, feel free to go and have a look around.

Click the image below to visit the store.


4 thoughts on “Obscure Cameras”

  1. It’s a tough market for sales right now and you have to adapt to survive. The market is also over bloated and needs to be cleared out. That said there’s good things on the horizon to look forward to. The new version of Android will be low latency. It’s not going to be too long before cheap devices get the octa-core treatment. I imagine companies aren’t thrilled about dumping money on R&D right now but that can’t last forever. It also can’t help when the big boys like HP are putting out sub $100 quad core tablets. One thing that will push be back to Chinese handhelds is that the Shield 2 is rumored to be a tablet.

    • not sure if you’re referring to me (you did say blog) or willgoo for opening a new shop. either way, i agree the market has plateaued. i only do this for something to do, so it doesn’t screw me but i do feel for all those vendors who specialised in these android machines.

      • Yeah, man, I was referring to you.
        But to generalize, ALL Android console hobbyists must feel the same. The only thing I’m looking forward to is the Shield 2, and its capabilities are leaps and bounds over what we have today – making everything else in the discussion seem kind of… pointless.
        So, yeah. I’m kind of mourning my android enthusiast, but I’ve had a nice run – a year or so of comparing handhelds, speculating and watching the market grow in awe.


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